The capabilities of MarketEdge Solutions are derived from experience in all aspects of Sales and Marketing, working with small companies to large corporations. The following provides an overview of the primary capabilities of MarketEdge Solutions.  

•    Company Strategy – Understand and develop business growth strategy.
•    Competitive Analysis – Understand the competitive landscape corporately, as well as with specific products and services.  Determine Unique Value Proposition.
•    Corporate Identity and Branding – Ensure the optimal brand and corporate identity is in place and being utilized most effectively. This may include developing a new brand / corporate identity, or better utilizing the existing brand and creating corporate standards and consistency. Determine Unique Value Proposition and audience.
•    Product / Service Positioning – Identify each product / service, determine the target audience and Unique Selling Point for each product / service. Apply to branding, design, etc.
•    Graphics / Design – Graphic design including ad development, website, collateral, etc.

•    Printing & Production – Full printing capabilities including paper elements, foam core boards, vinyl banners and more.
•    Packaging / Point of Sale– Develop packaging / POS strategy, including design.
•    Advertising / Media – Media planning, scheduling, budgeting as well as ad graphic development. Local and national media purchasing capabilities including discounts.
•    Public Relations – Manage an existing PR firm or perform, “in-house”, all public relations activities including development of editorial calendars, writing and submitting editorial and press releases, analyzing results, submitting for awards, developing and implementing speaking engagements, etc.
•    Collateral – Concept, design, development of necessary collateral, including business cards, brochures, sell-sheets, handouts, posters, presentations / proposals, etc.
•    Trade-Shows – Trade-show strategy, determine shows / events. Pre-show planning (e.g. attendee list sorting, mailers), Post show follow-up (e.g. booth visitor list sorting, post-show mailer / email), show planning / scheduling, trade-show booth / display development and procurement, promotions, collateral planning, banners, etc.
•    Direct Mail / Email – Development and implementation of direct mail (letters, postcards, etc.) and / or email campaigns.
•    Website – Website concept development, design, implementation, banner ads, Flash.
•    Social Media – Social marketing strategy / media, i.e. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn.
•    Marketing Campaigns / Promotions – Ideation and implementation of product / service marketing opportunities, including partnership promotional opportunities. 
•    Sales Management – Management of, influencing, tracking the sales force.
•    Forecasting – Corporate or sales force forecasting and tracking.
•    Strategic Partners – Proprietary methodology to identify potential strategic partners and / or co-marketing partnerships, process development, opportunity brainstorming, implementation, partnering strategy and negotiation, etc.